Sunday, December 30, 2007

Next 4 Weeks

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way the last 4 week training block went. Though my volume was less than anticipated, I was consistent with my training, working out every day.

Over the course of the next four week training block, I will remain in HR zone 1 for most of the rides and keep to a cap of 151bpm. The one exception will be where I simulate racing pace as part of each Saturday ride, progressing from 45min, 60min, 70min, and back down to 60min. I will also include recovery rides, which occur at HR 111-120bpm, on Monday and Friday. For the bike, I will continue building toward 300-350 miles biking per week. For the run, I will continue building my miles up to the 40-50 mile range capping my HR to 156.

If you've been following my training, you'll notice that I haven't done any swimming or weights yet. I will pick that up as well, though the relative volume for swimming will not be anywhere close to the biking and running volumes.

Foundation Week 4

This was a recovery week of sorts, though while still gradually increasing the training volume. I took two very easy days on Monday and Tuesday with 30 min recovery rides. Friday included a long recover ride. My run suffered a little as I developed a blister (from old shoes) which I wasn't able to run through.

December 24 (Monday)

Bike: 30min: 160w; 115bpm; 80rpm

December 25 (Tuesday)

Bike: 30min: 156w; 117bpm; 79rpm

December 26 (Wednesday)

Bike: FL: 2:43:22; 201w; 137bpm; 81rpm; 20.6mph

December 27 (Thursday)

Bike: 90min: 196w; 143bpm; 81rpm

Run: 80min: 8.91mi; 8:58min/mi

December 28 (Friday)

Bike: FL: 2:57:30; 163w; 120bpm; 79rpm; 18.9mph

Run: 90min: 10.76mi; 8:27min/mi; 153bpm

December 29 (Saturday)

Bike: FL: 2:43:01; 203w; 140bpm; 80rpm; 20.6mph

Brick Run: 15min: 1.66mi; 9:02min/mi; 152bpm (bad blister)

December 30 (Sunday)

Bike: FL: 2:37:29; 221w; 144bpm; 80rpm; 21.3mph (30min @ Race Simulation ~250w)

Run: 40min: 4.91mi; 8:11min/mi; 152bpm (blister)

TOTALS: 17.3 hours
Bike: 13.5 hours (~274 miles)
Run: 3.8 hours ( 26 miles)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Foundation Week 3

12/17 (Mon)

Run: 4.37mi; 9:09min/mi; 144bpm

12/18 (Tues)

Bike: FL: 2:47:27; 189w; 134bpm; 80rpm; 20.1mph

Run: 4.32mi; 9:15min/mi; 138bpm

12/19 (Wed)

Run: AM: 40: 4.32mi; 9:15min/mi; 138

Run: PM: 1:02:18: 7.42mi; 8:23min/mi; 155bpm

12/20 (Thur)

Run: 4.59mi; 8:59min/mi; 143bpm

12/21 (Fri)

Bike: FL: 2:42:31; 203w; 134bpm; 79rpm; 20.7mph

12/22 (Sat)

Run: 40: 4.62mi; 8:50min/mi; 143bpm

Bike: FL: 2:42:51; 203w; 133bpm; 80rpm; 20.6mph

12/23 (Sun)

Bike: FL: 2:43:23; 200w; 135bpm; 80rpm; 20.6mph

Brick Run: 5min: 0.55mi

TOTALS: 15.3 hours
Bike: 10.9 hours (224 miles)
Run: 4.4 hours (30 miles)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Foundation Week 2

12/10 (Monday)

Run 20min: 2.19mi; 9:07min/mi; 144bpm

12/11 (Tuesday)

Bike: 60 min: 182w; 125bpm; 79rpm
Run: 60min: 7.05mi; 8:44min/mi; 156bpm

12/12 (Wednesday)

Bike: FL70.3: 2:31:43; 241w; 151bpm; 79rpm; 22.1mph


Run: 120min: 13.43mi; 8:56min/mi; 144bpm

12/14 (Friday)

Bike: FL70.3: 2:41:49; 206w; 138bpm; 80rpm; 20.8mph
Run: 40min: 4.36mi; 9:10min/mi; 142bpm

12/15 (Saturday)

Run: 1:01:08; 7.29mi; 8:22min/mi; 153bpm
Bike: FL70.3: 2:43:46; 200w; 135bpm; 79rpm; 20.5mph

12/16 (Sunday)

Bike: FL70.3: 2:43:00; 203w; 137bpm; 80rpm; 20.6mph
Run: skipped scheduled run (120min) because foot was hurting--not worth the risk at this stage of training


Bike: 11.7 hours (~244miles)
Run: 5.0 hours (34 miles)
TOTAL: 16.7 hours

(still no swimming or gym--weather has sucked getting to the gym--need to suck it up)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Foundation Week 1 -- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This was supposed to be my fist week back at it. It didn't work out that way. I can still take a way some positives though there were far more negatives.

The good:

(1) I worked out every day

(2) The run: I got back into run training and ran six days for the week for a total of 46 miles without doing a long run. That is more than I had planned at this stage in my training. I felt surprisingly good considering I have done minimal run training since the Ironman and my heart rate has started to come back down (on the run) to pre-Ironman levels.

The bad:

I missed several key biking workouts. I had planned to do 4-5 rides of 56 miles (all on the Computrainer of course); I only managed 1. I more than halved those workouts so at least I did some biking (five days for the weeks). I wish I could say that it was because I was tired from the running, but I flat out missed some of the workouts because I was mentally lazy or messed around (too much partying) when I should have been doing other things so I didn't have the time to do the workouts when I needed to get them done. For the rides that I did do, with the exception of one, I remained in HR 1 for the duration of the workouts to remain fresh for the remaining workouts. It kind of defeats the purpose if you fail to do the the remaining workouts!

The ugly:

I bageled on all swim workouts and all weight workouts. That's right. I did absolutely no swimming and no weight work for the entire week. It snowed all week and I didn't feel like walking to the gym. That is not going to get me 1:05 in the water nor a sub-10 Ironman. So this week in toto just sucked.


12/3 (Monday)

Bike: 60 min: 173w; 130bpm; 80rpm
Run: 60 min: 6.70mi; 8:57min/mi

12/4 (Tuesday)

Bike: 60min: 174w; 124bpm; 79rpm
Run: 30 min: 3.37mi; 8:54min/mi; 138bpm

12/5 (Wednesday)

AM Run: 60min: 6.73mi, 8:54min/mi
PM Run: 60min: 6.73mi, 8:54min/mi, 149bpm
Total Run: 13.46mi

12/6 (Thursday)

Bike: 60min: 184w;129bpm; 82rpm

12/7 (Friday)

Bike: FL: 2:42:30; 203w; 146bpm; 80rpm; 20.7mph (HR high from staying out late?)
BRICK run: 2.32mi; 8:37min/mi; 152bpm

12/8 (Saturday)

AM Run: 40min: 4.46mi; 8:58min/mi; 135bpm
Bike: 60min: 179w; 125bpm; 80rpm
PM Run: 60min; 6.68mi; 8:58min/mi; 144bpm

12/9 (Sunday)
Run: 80min: 8.91mi; 8:58min/mi; 143bpm

TOTALS: 13.6 hours (that sucks!)

Bike: 6.7 hours
Run: 6.8 hours: 46 miles

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Recovery Week 4

Nov 26 (Monday) - Swim: 45min: 2550 yds

Nov 27 (Tuesday) - Bike: FL: 2:42:27; 204w; 142bpm; 81rpm; 20.7mph

Nov 28 (Wednesday) - Rest Day: Played 1 hour of tennis

Nov 29 (Thursday) - Bike: FL: 2:40:20; 210w; 153bpm; 81rpm; 21.0mph;
Run: 4.44mi; 9:01min/mi

Nov 30 (Friday) - Run: 20min: 2.24mi; 8:56min/mi

Dec 1 (Saturday) - Run: 40min: 4.52mi; 8:50min/mi;
Bike: FL: 2:43:02; 202w; 134bpm; 82rpm; 20.6mph
Brick Run: 20min: 2.24; 8:55min/mi, 140bpm

Dec 2 (Sunday) - Bike: FL: 2:41:51; 205w; 140bpm; 81rpm; 20.8mph

TOTALS: 13.7 hours

Swim - 45min
Bike - 10.9 hours
Run - 2 hours