Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday: 1903 yd swim; abs

Rest and Recovery

S: Fist Drills. 1903 yds. 10 w/u. 6x10 fisted. 10c/d.

B: Day Off.

R: Off. Hip/groin not feeling great today. Not painful necessarily, but not right.

W: abs.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday: 19 mile bike; 5 mile run; strength


S: Day Off.

B: Recovery ride for 61 minutes. It feels like my body is retaining whatever I eat. I've been very bloated throughout the day. Everything is just sitting in my stomach.

R: First run in two weeks. 5 miles. 8:53min/mi. First 2 miles were warmup. Run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute, for first 20 minutes. I could tell I hadn't run in a while. Felt good last 3 miles. No pain while running. Hoping it won't show up later.

W: 6x25 pushups. 2x8 pullups. 3x12 legs (press, curl, extension, calf raises). Abs.

Preparation Phase - Week 3 Summary

This was a good week for me. I hit just about all of my scheduled workouts. And I feel strong and motivated. My resting heart rate this morning was the same as always. So I'm happy with that.

I have one more week before I take a regeneration period, in which I'll rest and recover for 5 consecutive days. After the regeneration cycle, I'll retest power zones to see whether I have made any improvements over the last 4 weeks.

My plan is start running again this week. If all goes as I hope, I am shooting for 15-30 miles, depending on how I feel, but if I feel any pain at all, then I'll stop running again. My swim will be similar to last week.

S: 10,037 yds (3:00:35)

B: 401 miles (19:10:04)

R: 0 miles

W: 2xs.

T: 22:10

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday: 82 mile bike; 2045 yd swim

S: 36 min. 2045 yds. I only had 4 swims planned but had some extra time today so got in another swim.

B: 4+ hours. 116bpm. This was my worst ride in a while. Completely cracked during the second half and struggled just to finish. My legs were tired from yesterday's effort. Weren't firing. Also, this ride was meant to be an easy effort so I thought I wouldn't need as many calories. Mistake.

R: Off. Going to try to run this upcoming week.

W: Off.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday: 94 mile bike; 2141 yd swim; abs

S: 35 min. 2141 yds. 10 length w/u 20 20 20 10 10c/d. This was my best swim so far this year. Felt really good.

B: 4+ hour ride w/last 90min @260-280w. 245w avg. 144bpm. 85rpm. Then 10+ min cool down at about 150-170w. This was a good test ride for me to see where I am as I let my heart rate come up a little bit more than usual before the last 90min of the ride. I felt great the whole ride. I did have quite a bit of cardiac drift though, which tells me that I need to work on my endurance and incorporate more and longer Tempo rides. Next week is my last week before I begin a regeneration week. At the end of the regeneration week, I'll do a Field Test on that Friday to set new power zones, and then I'll do a relatively hard 112 mile test that weekend to see where I am.

R: Off.

W: abs.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday: 42 mile bike; 1903 yd swim; strength

Bike Recovery + Fist Drill Swim

S: 36 min swim. 1903 yds. 10 lengths w/u. 6 x 10 lengths fisted. 10 lengths unfisted. Swimming normally for those last 10 lengths feels great after doing 75-80% of the swim fisted. Can really notice a difference. I can also notice that swimming fisted doesn't put as much strain on my shoulders. Hopefully it will translate into more swimming and faster times.

B: 2:01 recovery ride (115-125bpm). 201w. 119bpm.

R: Off. Seriously can't wait to run. I'll give it a go next Monday or Tuesday.

W: Chick trainer started talking to me. She must have been fresh out of college. 21-22. Did 2x15 lunges and 2x15 squats with her. Body weight only. 3x12 press, curls, extensions, calf raises, hip ab/adductors. 2x8 pullups. 6x25 pushups. abs.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday: 61 mile bike

S: Off. Wanted to swim but thought better of it. I'm going for 4 swims this week. I'm already at 2.

B: 3 hours w/2x8 min at 280-300w, 8 min recovery. Didn't have great legs today despite going easy over the past 3 days. I think it was a combination of biking really late last night, not eating anything afterwards before I went to sleep, not getting much sleep, and then starting today's ride first thing early this morning. Need to figure out a better recovery strategy for late night rides, even if easy.

R: Off. I can still feel my hip/groin. Doesn't seem to be completely healed. It sucks. I really want to run.

W: Abs.

Weight. I weighed myself this morning. 164lbs. I don't seem to be losing any weight despite eating healthier. I'd like to lose 6-9 pounds over the next 6 weeks starting next Monday, so I start the Specialization Period only a few pounds (4-5) off of race weight. In addition to posting my training, I'll start posting what I eat every day to give myself a little more incentive to stick to a better diet. I'll also add a column to the right listing my weight by week as I have listed my totals miles in each discipline per week.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday: 66 mile bike; 1903 yd swim; strength

Bike Endurance and Fist Drill Swim

As my fitness improves, my motivation grows. I don't think I have ever been this motivated. I'm kicking myself for not starting my swim training earlier. As it becomes easier to get the distance in, I am (finally) really enjoying it. While I want to swim much more, I need to be cautious in building up to prevent injury.

S: 36 min. 1903 yds. Because the pool that I swim at is a little less than 24 yds, I land up getting these weird non-round numbered distances. Today I did most of the swim with my hands making a fist. I have read that doing this (a) reduces the strain on your shoulders, thus reducing the risk of injury, and (b) gives you a better feel for the water and improves body position. I'll start incorporating these drills more often. The workout was 10 lengths w/u, 6x10 lengths fisted, 10 lengths normal. I could definitely notice a difference once I swam unfisted for the last 240yds. I felt much silkier/smoother.

B: 3:02. 125-135bpm. 223w. Felt great. I find that I am holding myself back on the bike, which is a good thing. I feel ready to let loose. In due time....Tomorrow I have intervals.

R: Off. My hip didn't feel quite right in the morning, but by the end of the day, it was fine. It's strange; no pain or discomfort while biking or lifting, but feels weird when walking.

W: Getting stronger....2x8 pullups; 6x25 pushups. 3x12 legs (press, curl, extension, hip ab/adductor, calf raises); abs.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday: 56 mile bike; 1.1 mile swim

S: 35 min swim. 2045 yds. Felt much better than just two weeks ago. I'm upping my standard 30-31 min swims to 35-36 min swims. I hope to build them up to 75 min 4-5/wk by the time I begin my Specialization Phase. Realistically, I'm not going to be in 59 min shape--I started way too late--but I think 1:05 is still doable.

B: I had two hours recovery scheduled but felt decent so kept going to finish off 56 miles. Made sure to keep heart rate down. 2:43:43. 190w.

R: I attempted to run today. I stopped after half a mile. My hip is still bothering me unfortunately. It's not super painful. But it just doesn't seem right. I might try to run again on Friday or just take the week off again. With 20 weeks to go, I am not too concerned about not running. I want to make sure that it's healed for when I need to start Ironman specific training. As an aside, I don't feel it on the bike but am not sure if biking is preventing it from healing?

W: Abs.

Monday, June 22, 2009



Complete day off and eat whatever I want. My legs feel good, but I am definitely tired. Hoping for an early night.

Preparation Phase - Week 2 Summary

Decent week considering I was unable to run, out of town, and couldn't get longer rides in or swim during the week. I skipped all main bike workouts and instead focused on just getting the volume in.

S: 2 miles.

B: 375 miles.

R: 0 miles.

W: 2xs

I didn't weigh myself this morning, but I didn't eat that well last week, especially over the weekend.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Bike Endurance

S: Swimming and playing with the nieces. Got in maybe 300 meters of actual swimming including 2 x 50 meter sprint races against my brother, who only runs. I barely beat him both times. I suck.

B: 5.5+ hours in two rides. 125-135bpm. First ride was 3 hours. 222w. Second ride was 56 miles in 2:33:47. 224w. 121 miles for the day.

R: Off. Hip/groin area is starting to feel better. I'll start running again this week.

W: abs.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Bike Endurance

S: Off

B: 5+ hours in two rides. 125-135bpm for both rides. First ride was 56 miles in 2:34:17. 222w. Second ride was 56 miles in 2:32:44. 228w.

R: Off.

W: abs.

Friday, June 19, 2009


S: Off. There's a swimming pool close by. It's closed on Saturdays but hopefully I can get there on Sunday.

B: 2 hour ride. 229w. 129bpm.

R: Off.

W: abs.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


S: Off.

B: 65 min on spin bike at hotel gym. 115-125bpm. Saw some of the USA Brazil soccer match. US look terrible.

R: Off. Fred. Thanks for your comments. I plan to take the rest of the week off and see how it feels.

W: I didn't lift yesterday. Abs. 3x12 legs. 3x4 pull. 5x25 push.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



S: Day off.

B: 2 hours. 124bpm. 220w. Flatted. Wasted a lot of time dealing with it and from then on wasn't mentally into ride. Missed main workout - intervals - and let power and heart rate slip.

R: Taking another day off.

W: Will do abs and maybe weights tonight.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



S: 31 min. 1760yds. Felt better than yesterday.

B: Recovery ride. 2 hours. 181w. 110bpm.

R: Another day off. Hip/groin still hurts.

W: 3x4 pulls; 5x25push; 3x12 leg press, extensions, curls; abs.

Monday, June 15, 2009



Almost a complete rest day. I am going to New York in the middle of the week and will be there for the weekend. It will be difficult to get swims and long rides in. I was therefore contemplating riding today, despite having scheduled a rest day. I opted for rest instead.

S: 30 minutes. Very slow. 6x10 lengths, rest 30 seconds. 1427yds (The pool where I swim measures slightly slightly less than 24yds/length). My shoulders were a little sore today.

B: Day Off.

R: Day Off. Hip is still a little tender, even when just walking.

W: abs.

Preparation Phase - Week 1 Summary

The first week of the preparation phase went as planned. On the bike, I managed to two Tempo rides of 1 hour each, and one ride of Steady State Intervals. The goal of the this period is to build up to (1) 4-5 hours of Tempo per week, completed in two rides (2-2.5 hours per ride), (2) two rides of 2-3 x 20 min intervals at slightly below lactate threshold, and (3) 2-4 hours of above aerobic threshold outside on the TT bike (done in two rides).

I would like to build my run up from 30-40 miles within the next 13 weeks. I'm not concerned with running fast yet. I just want to be able to run without any pain. As I mentioned before, I am eliminating all double runs, as I think it was hurting more than helping me at this point - i.e., not enough recovery time.

I have finally started to swim consistently. My goal is to build up to where I am comfortably swimming 60 minutes at a time. Unfortunately, like last year, I no doubt have waited too long to start swimming. Nevertheless, I will gradually build up the swim over the next 3 months, rather than rush straight into long swims. I don't have the strength yet to really swim more than 30 minutes at a time.

Week 1 Totals.

S: 10,227 yds. 3:16

B: 412 miles. 20:01

R: 24 miles. 3:37

W: 3x/week.

Weight on 6/15: 164 lbs. Somehow, despite training more and eating healthier/less, I weigh more than on 6/1. Maybe I have more muscle from lifting?

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Bike Endurance

S: 30:57. 1760yds. Still stopped a couple times. Fastest time of the week.

B: 4 hours in 2 rides. Both rides were easy. It was a beautiful day outside - best of the summer so far - so split ride so as not to waste the whole day riding. Went to a Jazz festival instead. Morning ride was 56 miles in 2:35. 218w. Second ride was was easy pedaling for 1:30 during the Lakers game.

R: Day Off. I'm feeling some pain in my hip when I walk and run. So no running until Tuesday. I've been going back and forth but I've decided to ditch the double runs for now until I can handle them down the road. On the one hand, my running base is probably the best it has ever been, running 8:30s at 130-135bpm, which for me is great. On the other hand, I keep getting aches and pains. In an attempt to run more, I land up running less. So for the next 10-12 weeks, I'm going to stick to single runs for the most part and pretty much start my run training from scratch, at 30-40 miles. There is still plenty of time to up the volume come the end of August and throughout September, and October.

W: abs.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Steady State Intervals

S: 31+ minutes. 1760yds. Took a while to warm up but then felt great.

B: 4 hour ride w/2 by 8 min @ 290-320w, 8min recovery at the end of the ride. These intervals, which are slightly below lactate threshold, are meant to increase the power that you can produce and the amount of time you can produced it at lactate threshold. Was pretty painful considering that up until now, I have done all my training at low heart rates. Total ride. 223w. 132bpm. Felt like a rock star today.

R: 3 mile brick run. 9 minute miles at 123bpm.

W: 3x4 pullups, 5x25 pushups, abs.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Bike Recovery + Endurance Run

S: Day Off.

B: 2 hour recovery ride. Avg HR: 119bpm.

R: First run was 7 miles in 60 minutes. Then a 20min recovery run after lifting. 122bpm.

W: 3x12 leg press, curl, extension. Abs. I skipped upper body strength to give my chest, back, and shoulders a complete day of rest. I'll do pushups and pullups tomorrow after swimming.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Day 2 of Bike Tempo Block

S: 1760yds. Stopped a couple of times. A little over 31 minutes.

B: 3 hour ride w/60 min at Tempo (250-280w; 65-75rpm). Today, I did the Tempo work during the last hour, which actually made the ride much easier mentally. Yesterday, I just wanted to get off after I had finished the Tempo set during the second hour so I switched it up.

These Tempo rides are tough. They take a lot of concentration. A watt may be a watt, but the low cadence makes these workouts much tougher. They feel like lifting weights. Doing them indoors also doesn't help much either as, with little air circulation, I become absolutely drenched in sweat. I'm glad this block is done for the week.

R: 2 miles. Made a mistake again by running.

W: abs

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Day 1 of Bike Tempo block + Run Endurance.

S: 31 min. 1760yds

B: 3 hours w/60min at Tempo (250-280w; 65-75rpm). Felt very good during the hour of Tempo. But I have lost some endurance over the last few weeks. I had a tough time mentally and physically during the last hour, which was just easy pedaling.

R: 60 min run. My shin hurt a little. Not the compartment syndrome but the shin itself. I felt it yesterday too. I ran too hard at the end of last week. May need a couple days off. Skipped second run.

W: 3x4 pull; 5x25 push; abs; 3x12 leg press, curl, extension. It's getting harder and harder to bike and especially to run from lifting, even though I am barely lifting any weight at all. I scheduled 10 weeks of lifting so that I end it 4 weeks before my Specialization phase begins, hoping to get that extra bit of power (on the bike and swim) and because lifting helps me keep a better diet (as I become more vain). I'll give it a few more times, but not sure if I'm going to keep up the leg lifting.

I'm wiped. A lot more so than I thought I'd be.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


S: 30 min. 1427 yds. Swam next to two hot chicks. Tried to keep up. Couldn't.

B: 2 hours. Easy. 115-125bpm. Tomorrow begins a two-day Tempo block.

R. 30 min. Meant to take day off. Ran anyway. Shouldn't have. Was sore.

W: abs.

Monday, June 8, 2009


S: 40 min. 1760 yds. Felt better than expected.

B: 2 hours. Recovery/Easy. Good to be back on real bike.

R: Off

W: 5x25 push (was painful; I'm weak); 3x4 pull; 3x12 legs (press, curl, extension, hip ab/adductor, calf raises)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


A.m. 4 mile run. A bit hung over.

P.m. 7 mile run with Gigs. Pretty quick pace. Was struggling a little to keep up with him towards the end.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


B: 1 hour spin at the hotel gym

R: 7 mile run in Central Park. Love New York.

Friday, June 5, 2009


On my way to New York for yet another wedding. I'll try to get in as much as I can over the weekend, but it won't be much. I think I will have been away now for 5-6 weekends in a row. Looking forward to next weeekend when I can get some big sessions in.

a.m. 1 hour ride.

Lunch. 30 min swim.

P.m. Strength at hotel gym upon arrival. Same as Mon

Thursday, June 4, 2009


a.m. 6 mile run.

lunch. 30 min swim.

p.m. 4 mile run.

I'm starting to get more serious about my diet earlier this year and this week has been great so far. I believe I lost too much weight too quickly which led to being sick and a loss in power. I'm hoping to correct that this year.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ride. 3 hours. Steady.

Strength. 3x3 pull, 5x20 push, abs, 3x12 leg exercises.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


a.m. 2 hour recovery bike.

lunch. 6 mile easy run.

p.m. 4 mile run. easy.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today marks the beginning of my Preparation Phase. It lasts from June through August and leads up to my Specialization Phase, which begins in September. The focus is to add swimming, continue to build run and overall endurance, continue to increase power on the bike at upper aerobic zones, and begin to increase power and the amount of time I can spend at lactate threshold.

I'm still looking for a half to do, but I would like to do one maybe in July and then another one at the end of the Preparation Phase in August.


a.m. 9 mile run.

p.m. Strength (5x20 push; 3x3 pull; abs; 3x12 legs - press, curls, extension, hip ab/adductors). Run home from gym. 2 miles. Easy. 60 min recovery spin. Another flat.